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We offer siding installation, siding repairs, and siding replacements on new construction around the Denver, Arapahoe, Boulder and Jefferson County area. If you want to know why Major Constructing remains as one of the premier and go-to siding contractors of the Colorado community for over three decades already, contact us now!

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Our company offers CertainTeed siding installation on new and existing homes across the Arapahoe and Denver counties of Colorado. You can be sure that industry professionals with years of experience will be there to perform your siding replacements, giving you and your family a construction experience you will never forget.

Our team is proud to have established ourselves as dependable partners in construction.We endeavor to continue our great relationship with our loyal patrons and new clients for the years to come.

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If you live in the Arapahoe area, you know very well that the weather is not going to go your way at all. Strong winds, coupled with continuous rain and even snow can knock over trees and spread debris within minutes. It can affect your energy costs, and it will definitely cause damage on your home’s exterior. With such harsh weather conditions, you will need a partner in siding replacement & repair, as well as roof leak maintenance.

As a reasonable consumer, you want to hire an experienced siding replacement & repair company without paying much more than what you can afford. Thankfully, we are here to provide top-quality siding installation, siding replacements, and siding repairs services with a reasonable price.

Our company has been in this business for years, and we know how to effectively communicate with our clients in order to give the best service possible. We actively consult with our customers for their expectations, and we do our best to meet or even exceed what they want with their homes. We believe that client consultation is one of the key factors in a successful and feasible construction job, which is why we always get the job done right.

If you want a siding repairs and siding replacements team with broad knowledge on handling different types of construction projects with the best products, we are the right company to call.

Quality Repairs and Replacements

Worn and damaged sidings are terribly inconvenient, especially since they can invite in the mold, insects, moisture, and other unappealing elements in your home. More than siding repairs, siding replacements is going to be incredibly challenging as the materials and colors you choose to have the match the existing ones you have in your home.

With our assistance, you are guaranteed to find the material that best fits your property. What’s even better is we know how to repair a wide range of materials, so you can bet that rusted and cracked siding will never be an issue with us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new homeowner seeking to construct your new home, or an already-existing homeowner seeking to repair and refurbish your property. As long as you are in need of high-quality siding installation, we are the best company to call. We can assist you in your decision-making process when it comes to choosing materials, and we will inspect your home to recommend the best course of action. Let us help you make your home look better than ever!

• No need to maintain your home yourself

Now, you’ll get the time to enjoy life with your friends and family as we will be in charge of making sure that your sidings are maintained accordingly.

• Increase your home’s market value

Sidings are incredibly important, as they make your home look better while also protecting it from external elements. This feature definitely puts your home at a higher value, especially since Remodeling magazine has included sidings as one of the best home improvement elements with the best return on investment.

• A new look

Reinvent your home now by investing in great siding finds with our company!

• Insulation and protection

Sidings serve as the additional layer between your home and potentially-damaging external elements. Protect your home now by contracting our services.

For unprecedented years of home enjoyment, contact us now!

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Our siding company can offer a wide range of siding products, each with particular benefits:

• Vinyl Siding – Vinyl siding is a good siding option if you want an attractive yet affordable material for your home. What’s even better with this option is you can have a selection of colors and patterns to choose from.

• Fiber Cement Siding – this type of siding is one of the rising stars of the field. At the moment, more than 4 million homes are covered with Fiber Cement Sidings, and the number is growing by the minute. This material is incredibly strong, and definitely more durable than other options. If you want the beauty and the look of wood grain without the hassle of maintenance, this is the option you should opt for.

• PVC Siding – PVC siding is an option that you should choose if you want an alternative to vinyl. This also has a flexible design, all while providing top-quality protection against weather conditions.

• Cedar – A classic option, Cedar is the siding material you should choose if you want an attractive siding for your home. It can look as beautiful unpainted as it is with embellishments.

Overwhelmed with the choices you have with siding? Call us now and see how we can help you decide what’s best for your home!

Benefits of siding installation

There are various reasons why siding installation, siding repairs, and siding replacements is a great investment for your home. Here are some of the advantages that you can get when you do so:

• Better look – Siding installation can make your house look even more incredible. Your colors will not easily fade or break down, and with matching accessories, it can definitely transform the way your home looks!

• Less maintenance – Siding provides your home with a blanket of protection against weather conditions and other external elements. With this installation, you can minimize maintenance costs while still making your house look good as new

• Reduced painting cost – Another benefit of siding and its materials is the reduced painting cost. Vinyl materials wouldn’t need paint at all, while cement can hold on to the paint twice as much as other materials. With sidings like ours, you won’t have to do the constant scraping and repainting that people usually do every few years.

• Improved home value – Siding adds more worth to a property due to curb appeal, which makes this installation a good investment. As sidings make your property look good while providing protection at the same time, buyers will definitely see this as a major plus.

• Energy efficiency – Your home will be protected from the outside elements thanks to the insulation sidings provide. Incredibly strong and cold winds won’t be an issue inside your home, reducing the need for room heaters and other similar materials.

If you want a siding contractor that provide incredible design options with good quality materials, we are the best company for you. We can help you decide what’s best for your home, depending on the size, budget, and maintenance expectations you have. From our texture, material, style, and colors, we can definitely be your dream siding partner!

Benefits of siding per material

• Vinyl Siding – vinyl is a popular siding choice even from the 50s, as it offers a wide variety of color and design with great accessories and trims. It also offers versions with additional insulation, which makes it energy efficient on top of being protective layers for your home. This material is low maintenance and is an affordable option for homeowners all over.

• Fiber Cement Siding – This material is rising as one of the top choices of homeowners in America due to its durability. Mixed cement and cellulose can be crafted to look like wooden boards and shingles, without the constant issue of rotting due to insects and moisture. This material is also flame-resistant. For this reasons, Remodeling magazine rates fiber cement siding as the #1 option for home improvement when it comes to returning of investment.

• Cedar siding – If you want a more traditional look, Cedar siding is the best option for you. It looks elegant and classic and is more durable than other wood materials. This can be painted on or stained, depending on what you choose. While this may need more maintenance than vinyl or cement, the incredible aesthetic it provides definitely makes up for it.

If you want to know more about your siding options, as well as the benefits and cons of using one, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We provide siding installation, as well as siding repair & replacement with good quality products, all while providing a reasonable price for your services.

For years, we have established ourselves as the go-to siding contractor in our community. Work with us now to see why we are others’ preferred siding contractor!