Offering First Class Protection: Top 5 Roofing Services That Roofing Contractors Perform

When you hear the term roofing contractor, it is easy to imagine that the only service they provide is roofing installations. While this is a major part of their service, it is far from the only thing that they do. In fact, many roofing contractors offer a variety of services and skills which help to protect your house from the elements and any accidents that may happen.


In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the other areas experienced roofing contractors specialize in. You may even be surprised by some of the top 5 roofing services that roofing contractors perform.


As you would expect from the name of the trade, installing roofs is the primary service offered by roofing contractors. There are a wide variety of projects which may be undertaken such as new builds or remodeling of existing houses.

A trusted roofing contractor will provide a range of options and work alongside the owner of the property to ensure that the project is a resounding success. They should be able to offer a variety of top-quality materials and finishes, such as asphalt shingles or roof tiles. They should provide detailed estimates, workflows, and guarantees before they start any work.

Repairs and Maintenance

The exteriors of houses are subject to the ravages of mother nature throughout the year, and they work hard to keep your family safe and warm inside. Obviously, over time the surfaces will be subject to wear and tear and will need some TLC to ensure they continue to do their job.

Snow, rain, and sun can all affect the structural integrity of the roofing materials, especially if you are living in an older house. Roofing contractors should offer generous guarantees on the products they use. They should also be able to provide simple and effective solutions should any areas of the roof need to be patched or if you decide that you need an update to the existing materials.

Emergency Repairs

There will be times when nature makes her presence felt, and this can have unfortunate consequences for your roof, gutters, and walls. If your house has sustained damage during a storm, then you will want to get the damage taken care of as soon as possible.

Hail strikes can leave gaping holes in the roof, and fallen tree branches can cause a large amount of damage to numerous parts of the structure. In all cases, you will want to know that there is someone on hand to take immediate action.

Many roofing contractors will have a specialized service whereby they can provide prompt repairs, while also helping to liaise with your insurance companies. Both services will help counter the initial shock of finding the damage.


Guttering systems are an integral part of your exterior, so they need to be regularly checked to ensure that they are in full working order. A fully functioning guttering system protects your exterior surfaces and helps to prevent cracks to walls, which can lead to water getting into the house.

Many roofing contractors will offer a range of guttering services from installation, repairs, or thorough cleaning. All are designed to keep your exteriors protected and your interiors dry.


In addition to the roof and guttering, some contractors will offer siding services. Siding works alongside roofing materials and guttering as vital protection for the exterior of the house. There are a variety of different materials available which can help protect the walls of the house from the elements.

Siding also adds aesthetic appeal to your house and can really turn heads. Services include installation and repairs.

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